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Denmark Souvenirs – What to Bring Back From Denmark As a Souvenir

May 19th, 2017 by admin | Filed under travel-news.
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When traveling to new countries, the tendency is to buy souvenirs for friends, family and, of course, yourself. The problem is what type of souvenir to bring home. Well, when you come to Denmark or if you are just looking for some good Danish souvenirs, I have a couple of suggestions that have been winners for many of my friends and family. Below is a list of my favorite Danish souvenirs.

Souvenirs are only appreciated if the person you are giving them to has been to Denmark or cares about the place. A lot of the souvenirs like memorial plates, ashtrays, etc., will be put on the shelf by your family and will mean “nothing” to them. They will only mean something to you, because you visited Denmark. I always suggest bringing home interesting food products that are not available back home. Here are a few fun and tasty treats to take back:

1. Flødeboller: These are chocolate-covered marshmallow cream balls on a cookie base. They are popular on top of ice cream, but can be eaten by themselves. You can get them at almost all grocery stores for about 15 -20 kroner for a box of 12 and I have yet to find anyone who does not love them.

2. “Pålægschokolade”: This comes in a small box with about 30 pieces in each box. Again, it can be found at all grocery stores. They are thin slices of chocolate and they are usually served on freshly baked bread that is warm. If the bread is warm, the chocolate will melt on the bread. If the bread is not fresh-baked, you can toast the bread and place it on the toast when it is finished. You can even gently warm the bread and chocolate in an oven (do not microwave… it ruins the taste). The chocolate does not have to be heated; it can be eaten at room temperature and will still taste fantastic. Come on, where else do people eat chocolate sandwiches? I am always sending boxes of these back to friends who visit. They stock up here and write and ask me to send a few boxes every couple of months.

3. Candy: Licorice is, of course, the natural choice if your friends/family like licorice. If not, get some other great candy. You really should go to Nørregade in Copenhagen and get “bolcher”, which is the Danish word for candy, at the BEST bolcher factory/shop in Denmark. It is called Nørregade Bolcher and it is located on Nørregade (right next to Nørreport train station… a 2-minute walk). There you can not only watch them make the candy, but you can pick your own combination of the different types of bolcher from the store displays. It is reminiscent of one of the old American soda fountain / 5-and-dime stores where they had all sorts of different candies in little jars with scoops so you could choose. Even if you don’t like candy, it is a great place to visit as a tourist. Love the smells and atmosphere. Yummy!

4. Kitchen accessories: Look in places like Illums. It is pretty pricey, but there is some cool stuff. Accessories can also be found at places like Kop og Kande and Inspiration for a bit less. Just funky designs that make any home or kitchen look DANISH! Denmark is renowned for their unique and stylish kitchen gadgets and they are well-crafted to last.

Avoid all the souvenir plates, unless your family/friends collect stuff like that. Also be aware that the Stroeget is a great place to shop, but their prices are much higher than places in the suburbs. A 10-minute walk up Vesterbrogade or Norrebrogade can put you in the suburbs where the same shops are, but with better prices. Remember to spend wisely, cuz it ain’t cheap.:)

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